Motown Groove & Soul4You Halloween Wrap-Up


Watch Iz’s Twitch Stream (Some Tracks Muted)

1Japan FunkScary Bomb (Clean – ALMiGHTY I.Z. Big Break Remix 2019)4:58:25 PM MDT
2Lee Fields & The ExpressionsMoney Is King (Clean – ReDrum@110 – ALMiGHTY I.Z. EDIT)5:01:17 PM MDT
3Broken KeysThe Witch (Almighty I.Z. B-Boy EDIT) [105BPM] [3A] [2010] [CLEAN]5:04:26 PM MDT
4Ben WestbeechGet Silly (CutDown – Break Only – B-Boy – ALMiGHTY I.Z. EDIT – 2018)5:07:00 PM MDT
5Toots & The MaytalsTime Tough (Almighty I.Z. EDIT)5:11:44 PM MDT
6Brothers SevenEvil Ways (Clean – ALMiGHTY I.Z. Quantized)5:13:52 PM MDT
7Black GrassWithout Your Love (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy Popping REMIX) [110BPM] [8A] [2011] [CLEAN]5:17:51 PM MDT
8Black GrassWithout Your Love (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy Popping REMIX) [110BPM] [8A] [2011] [CLEAN]5:19:49 PM MDT
9Mark Ronson Ft MystikalFeel Right (Intro – CLEAN – ReDrum – ALMiGHTY I.Z. EDIT)5:21:28 PM MDT
10Joe BataanCall My Name (CutDown – ALMiGHTY I.Z. EDIT)5:22:44 PM MDT
11Fred Wesley & The J.B.’sI’m Payin Taxes, What Am I Buyin (QuickHitter ALMiGHTY I.Z. EDIT)5:26:29 PM MDT
12Gladys Knight & The PipsI Heard It Through The Grapevine (Clean – Almighty I.Z. B-Boy EDIT)5:28:37 PM MDT
13Dj Charlie RockHorse with No Name5:30:33 PM MDT
14Baby HueyMighty Mighty (Clean – QuickHitter – ALMiGHTY I.Z. Red Beans & Rice B-Boy Remix)5:33:22 PM MDT
15Bob DylanMost Likely You Go Your Way (I’ll Go Mine) ( Mark Ronson Remix )5:35:30 PM MDT
16Bob MarleyCould You Be Loved (Almighty I.Z. ReRub) [110BPM] [10A] [LONG] [2013] [CLEAN]5:38:17 PM MDT
17Bernard WrightMaster Rocker (Clean – CutDown – ALMiGHTY I.Z. ReDrum EDIT) v25:41:18 PM MDT
18DimeloFlamenco (Almighty I.Z. B-Boy EDIT INSTRUMENTAL)5:44:27 PM MDT
19Bob MarleyI Shot the Sheriff (Clean – ReDrum @110 – ALMiGHTY I.Z. EDIT)5:49:18 PM MDT
20JainMakeba (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-BOY EDIT) [CLEAN]5:49:28 PM MDT
21Dave RichmondPhase Out (Instrumental Almighty I.Z. B-Boy EDIT)5:50:46 PM MDT
22ImpossiblesHot Pepper (Almighty I.Z. B-Boy EDIT) (2010)5:53:59 PM MDT
23DidierSound Spectrum (Almighty I.Z. B-Boy EDIT) (Duperlooper)5:56:05 PM MDT
24Ogyatanaa Show BandDisco Africa5:59:23 PM MDT
25BoogoosThe Journey6:01:28 PM MDT
26Kings of LeonTaper Jean Girl (Clean – B-Boy ReWork – ALMiGHTY I.Z. EDIT -2018)6:10:29 PM MDT
27Grupo ABCPrzeminelo z Wiatrem Tyle Dni (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy EDIT)6:13:19 PM MDT
28Big Boss ManBlack Eye (I Believed In Love) (Almighty I.Z. B-Boy EDIT)6:15:18 PM MDT
29Rhythm HeritageBlockbuster (CutDown – ReDrum Lite – ALMiGHTY I.Z. EDIT)6:18:26 PM MDT
30Electra ComboUber Fleur (Almighty I.Z. B-Boy EDIT) (2010)6:20:52 PM MDT
31ALMiGHTY I.Z.Subway Conga Rock (NuBreaks, B-Boy Jam)6:24:15 PM MDT
32David MatthewsU Keep Me Hanging On (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy NuBreaks REMIX)6:28:57 PM MDT
33HawaD.A.N.C.E (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy EDIT) [2015] [] [Energy 5]6:30:39 PM MDT
34Aretha FranklinI Say A Little Prayer (ALMiGHTY I.Z. B-Boy Wedding Re-Drum) [130BPM] [11A] [LONG] [2015] [CLEAN]6:34:47 PM MDT
35Gizelle Smith & The Mighty MocambasLove Alarm (Clean – Almighty I.Z. B-Boy EDIT)6:39:45 PM MDT
36Chris JossDiscotheque Dancing6:42:56 PM MDT
37Fort Knox Five vs Charles SheffieldIt’s Your Voodoo Working (DC’s Finest Remint)6:45:59 PM MDT
38Danny RiveraTodos Estan Sordos6:50:01 PM MDT
39KongasKongasGive Me Your Lovin6:51:29 PM MDT
40PigbagPapa’s Got a Brand New Pigbag (Clean)6:59:44 PM MDT
41James BrownI Feel Good (Different Version)7:00:54 PM MDT

7pm – 9pm

DJ Miggy

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9pm – Late

Dawn Perignon

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